Clan Contracting are approved installers of Europe’s leading concrete and masonry repair systems and are able to carry out a full range of concrete and masonry repair programmes.

Modern concrete structures have not proved to be as durable as once anticipated. Even structures such as bridges, built using high strength concrete, are not immune to deterioration in our increasingly aggressive environment. Typical concrete problems are caused by low cover to the reinforcement, carbonation of the concrete and high chloride levels.

Concrete Repair Division

At Clan, we are able to offer a bespoke solution to meet the exact needs of each concrete repair problem. With our skills, experience and using the finest materials available, structural integrity can soon be restored with future protection against carbonation and chloride attack guaranteed.

Clan solutions include the reinstatement of defective concrete and the application of anti-carbonation coatings which slows the loss of alkalinity to the concrete – some coatings can regenerate the concrete and stop decay. An accurate survey from our team of experts will establish the true cost of repairs, avoiding future cost implications during the contract period.

From the initial survey through to detailed technical recommendation, we can advise on the best method and treatment using repair mortars, levelling coats and protective systems.

For over three decades, Clan have invested in extensive research and development programmes in conjunction with BRE (Building Research Establishment), leading UK universities and structural engineering practices, with the aim of tackling the increasingly concerning issue of structural failure in masonry.

Masonry Repair Division

Signs of distress in masonry such as cracking and bulging can be indicative of many problems including wall tie failure, lack of restraint, lintel corrosion or structural misplacement. In recent years, recognition of problems relating to cavity wall tie failure has increased. Failure is normally due to corrosion of the metal ties. This causes the integrity of the connection of the brickwork leaves to be questioned and therefore the overall structural stability of the wall.

Latest research by the BRE has found that wall ties corrode faster in the mortar within the external leaf of brickwork, leading to oxidisation where they can expand to several times their original size. This expansion will cause structural instability by lifting the mortar joints where they lay. Early detection and remedial actions are critical if the structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of such buildings are to be preserved.

With a wealth of site based experience under their belt gained over more than 35 years our expert surveyors and technicians can assist with the diagnosis specification and treatment of a wide range of structural masonry defects.

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