Clan is an expert in the field of structural surveying – with a dedicated team of professionals including civil engineers, surveyors and technicians, our clients are guaranteed a first class service.

We are able to offer a full diagnostic survey using the latest technologically advanced processes.

If a reinforced concrete structure shows signs of distress such as spalling, cracking or rust staining, the following questions must be asked:

– How serious is the problem?
– How has the problem occurred?
– How can it be put right?

Clan recognises that every structure is unique and is able to tailor individual testing regimes for specific structures or carry out routine inspection and testing. We aim to react quickly and effectively, producing costed options for repairs and tender documents for future work to be undertaken.

In order to fulfil our ambitions of being able to tackle any structural repair issue, we recognise that we must be able to gain Clan to all areas and aspects of a structure, be it underground, from above etc.

To achieve this, we have created teams of dedicated operatives who are fully trained in the following areas:

– Confined spaces
– Roped Clan
– Specialist Clan platform

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Clan have built an enviable reputation throughout the UK for their cost effective and innovative solutions to structural problems both simple and complex.



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